This page outlines the changes we will have to undertake to make yoga school Covid safe. Being Covid safe is an important part of reopening the yoga school and the health and safety of our yoga community and the broader communities that we are a part of.

1 – If you have any flu like symptoms, a runny nose, the sneezes, sniffles or a cough – please  do not come to the yoga school and go and get tested.

2 – Please practice safe social distancing whilst at the yoga school.

3 – There will be hand sanitiser around the yoga school in various places – please use it.

4 – We will be limited to 20 students maximum per class until 1/7/2021. To manage this and to have accurate contact tracing, we will have an online booking system. Booking online will be the only way you will be allowed to attend class. This will ensure we keep a clear contact records of our people and also manage the 20 person limit. Masks are mandatory in class until 1/7/2021. until then,  classes will be less hot, less humid with slightly shorter postures to manage this.

5 – There will be places marked on the yoga room floor to place you mat. Please ensure you use these. Strangely enough we couldn’t bring ourselves to put mat markings near any of the doors…hahahaha… just joking :)

6 – We will no longer be hiring towels or mats, nor will we have towels in the bath rooms to dry hands. Please bring your own towels and mats etc etc. If you forget your mat and towel you can purchase mats and towels at reception.

7 – Please only use showers if necessary. The shower rooms are small and too many people in there at once may create crowding and may pose a problem for correct social distancing. Please be considerate of each other.

8  – We are going cashless – we will no longer accept cash. We will continue to accept credit cards and eftpos for over the counter purchases.